Water Market

The Source of Life

Now is the day that water is the most valuable mineral, a gallon of natural water costs more than a gallon of gasoline. Each day alternative processes are required to achieve drinking water in different parts of the world, from decantation to reverse osmosis, day by day these processes had been implemented in all type of plants for redistributing water into the environment or for drinking. Laboratories, standards, quality and approval certificates are important when buying materials, therefore at Lehman Pipe, we only represent, safeguard and sell, materials with the warranty and quality necessary so water continues to flow and your project never stops.

You want it, you got it, duplex, super duplex, high and low alloy along with certified plastics that do not generate bacteria affecting human life and the environment are required. In Lehman you can find piping systems to distribute hard and softened water, potable waste, industrial and desalination water. Please contact your salesman closet to your location and we will show you how to save time and money with us.