HVAC Market

Comfort For Better Living

Technological progreses are mostly designed to improve the quality of life of human beings and preserve their environment. This is how we determine our well-being and happiness through preservation and care of those things both wanted and needed.

Lehman Pipe has been strengthening solutions for HVAC products, especially in the line of Air Conditioning, by obtaining exclusive distribution with technological products that generate added value, reduced installation times, improved quality standards and extend the life of the system. Today Lehman Pipe has a presence in Florida, The Caribbean and most Latin American countries, with solutions installed in major hotels, shopping centers, buildings of different use and purpose, Convention Centers and others.

We have what you want, At Lehman we strive to have the inventory and availability of materials so your project will never stop, from the cooling towers, to the air handlers into the mechanical room. We have a solution to fit your needs at a fair competitive price.