The black gold that moves the world

The cost per barrel is the reference mark to determine the feasibility of projects; risk is always a factor as is the quality of material. Therefore, in Lehman our brands are pre-qualified and evaluated under the criteria of reliability, resistance, support and innovation among others.

Our business is to insure the products meet and exceed all specifications, and in return insures the integrity of the products the customer needs, in the areas where they need it. What is your business? Taking risks and increasing the probability of failure? Our business is to reduce to a minimum those risks inherent in the operation.

You want it, You got it, ur solutions for Downstream, Mid stream , Upstream, and process lines are complemented with different sizes and types of materials; from plastics and high-strength polyethylene, to the traditional steels, alloys high and low, duplex, super duplex,monel, inconel and titanium. Valves of all kinds, motorized, manual and gear operator, weld fittings and flanges, flanged and grooved mechanical systems, single and double random piping in all materials and grades. Tools, sealants and packing in different materials for all types of service.