Mining Market

Because time is money

Volatility in the precious metals market and mining in general require that our activities are always in line with product quality and integrity. In that regard we require brands and specifications that ensure the perfect installation and performance. At Lehman we are aware of this and according to the above, our products and brands are of the most demanding in quality and have the commitment from each factory to be the best in the industry. All materials are approved by International quality standards, regulations and codes.

You want it, You got it, no matter if it is an open cast mine or a project below ground, our solutions allow us to meet your requirements in record time and at fair price. From alloy steel, to high resistance plastic pipes (PVC), in Lehman you will always find the solution for fluid handling. HDPE in all connections and pressure ratings (Thermo, Electro Fusion and Mechanical) and valves in various materials. We also carry a full line of tools to help you install your project. If you're in need of a custom product we have the capabilities to find a solution. Let us show you how to save time and money, in Lehman we know how to do it.