Industrial Market

We Take The Responsibility Of Producing Seriously

Your car, your clothes, the juice and milk that you drink, the fruits and meat you consume the vitamins and medicines you take, all have something in common, and have gone through different processes which in some cases are homogeneous among themselves and not relevant to the type of product, factory or process. Lehman Pipe knows your requirements, which is why our diameters, dimensions and specifications are consistent with each line of the production process. Whether it's high alloy or PVC SCH 80, we have the material with certifications and guarantees that are required.

From the ground to the home or from the sea to the plate we can help with quality products so your production process does not stop. Reliability, certifications, standards and hallmarks of integrity are our philosophy, so we only stock the brands that are accepted and recognized worldwide.

We have what you want; Manufacturers of sugar, milk, juice, textiles, and meat processing need their plants in constant operation with little or no downtime. Our products and piping systems are in line with the latest technologies to reduce costs, improving the life of the project and facilitating the handling of materials.

A salesman near you will be happy to show you all the solutions we can offer. Please go to the contact page to find the closest Lehman salesman.