Fire Protection Market

Nothing Safer Than Prevention

Every day more countries and regions are governed by international codes of design and safety, fire protection systems are no longer an institutional requirement they have become a way of life, there are now over 10 international codes for system design, as well as installation and control. However the materials and products tend to be similar. Lehman has for over 25 years been helping designers, owners, contractors and inspectors with the latest technological products. In some Latin American countries we were the first company to distribute materials for fire instalations and promote the grooved piping systems of today. These are the first choice in products for fire protection in the region.

We offer a 10 year minimum warranty on all grooved products which makes the difference. The project will be covered by our extended warranty in the region directly from the factory. Identifying products (Bag and Tag), for proper installation, saving money and time and eliminating waste. If your building an intelligent building or Leed certified Project, our systems add points to achieve the desired rating.