We provide products that move the world

From Commercial to Industrial and from Oil Refineries to Water Treatment Plants we have been providing material solutions for countless applications across the globe. In diversifying across markets and extending our reach across the globe, we have gained the experience and knowledge to be a true value to our customers regardless of the location and application of the project.

Our Brands

Each market and each application in that corresponding market have very specific needs and very stringent requirements. By working with Prime Manufacturers we can ensure that the products you receive from us will comply with your required specifications. Our direct relationships with these manufacturer's help ensure the quality and traceability of the products we purchase

Inventory Management

Our true strength lies within our employees; however, our vast inventory and operation systems are a close second. We believe in giving our employees the tools to be successful and by properly managing our inventory we are able offer solutions and provide those solutions in a timely fashion. In being a family owned and operated business we have the flexibility to increase inventory, stage material and make the necessary warehouse changes to constantly improve our processes.

Certificates and MTRS

Due to the markets we serve, we are very aware of the importance for the origin, quality and traceability of materials. Lehman Pipe maintains and can provide the corresponding Material Test Reports and Certificates of Origin for all products purchased at our facility.

Changing Solutions

We provide products that move the world

Conscious of our responsibility to develop our support group, customer care, order tracking and dispatching, we have two defined areas in Lehman that allow us to focus our attention on the domestic market in Florida and Latin America. In 2014 we made an investment in new software for customer care, which during the coming months will enable better service every day.

Our Quotes

Our goal is to have your request priced and returned in 48 hours. After which we will clarify any questions or concerns you might have.

Our Prices

Offer competitive prices with the best quality. Our purchase volume, allows us a competitive advantage over the market. Our strategic pricing allows us mobility within our operation ensuring availability and compliance with our deliveries.

Our Technologies

With our team, you will always find innovative alternatives to do things simpler and better. We share our innovations in new technologies to save you money, improve performance and reduce overall job costs.