We provide products that move the world

At in Lehman we ensure that the companies we represent meet the quality procedures, which ensure and guarantee the optimal operation and performance when the project requires it. At Lehman Pipe we encourage the development of new tecnologies to maximize investment and performance of the products we carry.

You want it, You got it, our solutions for 12 vertical markets in different process lines are complemented with all sizes and types of materials; from plastics and high-strength polyethylene, to the traditional steels and alloys to duplex, super duplex and titanium.


Our vast inventory includes Plastic Piping in all Schedules and Pressure Classes for irrigation as well as Special Alloy Metals in various configuration and classes for the more corrosive environments.


Textile Mills, Processing Plants, Refineries and Factories are comprised of various applications and processes. Reach out to us to ensure you are getting the right materials for the right applications.

Power Generation

Thermoelectric, Hydroelectric, Energy Generation and Power Systems more often than not require some type of fluid handling system independent of any HVAC, Fire Protection or Plumbing System.


Whether you are building a new Water Treatment Facility or branching off of a City Main, we have the knowledge and inventory to help you complete your project.

Oil & Gas

Our solutions for Downstream, Mid stream , Upstream, and process lines are complemented with different sizes and types of materials.

Fire Protection

Every day more countries and regions are governed by international codes of design and safety, fire protection systems are no longer an institutional requirement they have become a way of life.

Mining Market

No matter if it is an open cast mine or a project below ground, our solutions allow us to meet your requirements in record time and at fair price.


At Lehman we strive to have the inventory and availability of materials so your project will never stop, from the cooling towers, to the air handlers into the mechanical room.

Water Technology

Duplex, super duplex, high and low alloy along with certified plastics that do not generate bacteria affecting human life and the environment are required.


If it is a gas installation, we can provide CSST, Flexible Corrugated Stainless Steel (Wardflex), which we have exclusive representation in the Latin American markets.