Durable Systems and Easy to Install

Hospital, Condos, Houses, Off ices, Casinos, Hotel, Malls, all of them have something in common, they can't function if they don't have the services installed correctly, and in Lehman Pipe we have the correct system with the best performance and latest technology for your next plumbing project.

We are in constant research for the latest generation of products, that will maintain the quality and performance that is in all of our Plumbing lines.

With Lehman you get a fair price, high quality products and the most prestigious and well known brands in the industry. Whether in Florida, Panamá, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru or where ever your next project is, Lehman does not only have an effective solution thus saving time and money, we have a group of advisors near you, who are willing to go to the project and work together with your installers to share our knowledge and help train them in the many solutions we have to offer.

If it is a gas installation, we can provide CSST, Flexible Corrugated Stainless Steel (Wardflex), which we have exclusive representation in the Latin American markets. If you are installing a water system, we have Copper, PVC, CPVC or PEX piping. We also have a full line of valve products to suit your projects every need.